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Cubetainer™ Portable DEF Tank System


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Part No.  Gallon/Description Dimensions F.O.B.
1032001N95402 60 Gallon DEF Cubetainer 37" x 37" x 24" B
1032101N95402  80 Gallon DEF Cubetainer 37" x 37" x 28"
1032201N95402 120 Gallon DEF Cubetainer  37" x 37" x 37" B
1032301N95402 180 Gallon DEF Cubetainer 37" x 37" x 50" B
1032401N95402 260 Gallon DEF Cubetainer 37" x 37" x 63" B

288 Gallon Containment (optional)

 44" x 48" x 42"


Each DEF Cubetainer includes tank with no bottom sidewall outlets, two top buttress thread connections with plugs, four SS inserts on the front for pump bracket mounting, and bolted-on pallet base.  RSV with Diptube and Pump Kit and Bracket are sold separately and should ship loose (to be installed after shipment).

288 gallon containment is optional and for use with the 260 gallon Cubetainer without pallet base.

 Note:  Snyder Industries approved parts. Any generic substitute installed on a Snyder Industries tank or container may invalidate product warranty protection.                     
Part No. DEF Optional Accessories F.O.B.
34702307  DEF Pump Kit w/bracket B
34702346 Pump Bracket only w/bolts B
34702338 RSV Valve w/Diptube-60 B
34702339 RSV Valve w/Diptube-80 B
34702340 RSV Valve w/Diptube-120 B
34702341 RSV Valve w/Diptube-180 B
34702342 RSV Valve w/Diptube-260 B

Pump Brackets fits 120-260 size Cubetainers only.

B = Bensenville, ILL

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Cubetainer™ Portable DEF Tank System 

To meet EPA emission requirements for the Clean Air Act, most diesel engines are now equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology which requires Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).  DEF is a high purity chemical fluid consisting of 32.5% urea mixed with demineralized water to meet automotive industry specifications defined in ISO 22241.  DEF is not explosive, flammable, toxic or subject to any hazardous product regulations.  DEF is filled into a separate tank (not the diesel fuel tank) on a diesel engine.

By providing the right kind of tank for DEF, the integrity of the product can be preserved.  Snyder's CUBETAINER™ PORTABLE DEF TANK SYSTEM is a complete DEF solution that provides the user with point-of-use dispensing of DEF.  The system is manufactured to fill, transport, dispense, and refill DEF easily in the shop or in the field.

Cubetainer™ Portable DEF Tank System Features:

  • Rugged virgin polyethylene translucent DEF compatible tank available in sizes of 60, 80, 120, 180 or 260 gallons.
  • Molded-in and inked level markers for quick and easy visual level inspection.
  • Forklift/Pallet-Jack base for easy movement and loading of tank when full or empty.
  • Proprietary replaceable buttress bung connections on top.  No drill-outs or spin welds that may contaminate the inside of the tank.
  • Contaminant free Micromatic RSV Closed, Sealed system with internal diptube.
  • 12V Self-priming DEF Pump.
  • 20 feet DEF Compatible Dispense Hose.
  • Stainless Steel Auto Shut off dispense nozzle.
  • Pump attachment bracket with hose holder and integrated nozzle holder.


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